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How to find the perfect location for your photos

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

So you've found a photographer you like, and you want help capturing those perfect moments. Or maybe you are a photographer, and you're lacking inspiration. It can be really stressful and overwhelming to try to think of that perfect location to capture those priceless moments. People and phototographers everywhere struggle to find locations to take their photos. I have come up with a list of some helpful tips to help you find your perfect spot!

Also -> Shootipedia is a website that was created to allow photographers to find and share locations that they have shot at. I’m finding I use this resource more and more lately.

1. Choose a place that has meaning

Do you have a place that holds a special spot in your heart? If you are taking photos with others, do you share a location with them that resembles a fond time you spent together? Picking a meaningful place will translate into pure emotion that is visible in your photos.

Select a location that resembles your personality.

Even if it's in your back yard, at the end of the day, the people are the focal point, and you want a location that brings you comfort to create the love you want to see in your photos.

2. Look for natural lighting

Choosing a place outdoors can pose a few obstacles, but with the right eye, can be easy to overcome. Finding a place with good natural lighting is key. Lighting is one of the most important factors in a photo and can make or break the outcome.

Natural lighting can set the mood for your image.

Choosing a well-lit location, but without facing direct sunlight is of the utmost importance when taking your professional photos. If the photos are indoors, most of the time the photographer will have additional lighting to assist, but having a place with large windows, during the daytime, to really let that natural light in enhances the look and quality of images. Outdoors, areas with good shading, and the option to have the sun shining behind you are also great for photos.

3. Find nearby shelter

We never know what the weather will bring. And there's nothing quite like booking a session a month out only to find out the day before it's forecasted at 100 percent chance of thunderstorms! So choosing a place that has a covered terrace, building, or indoor option should be a priority when picking your perfect place.

Anticipating bad weather means you can avoid it, or even incorporate it into your session!

Even if you live in the desert or have perfect weather year-round, it's great to have a back-up plan should other circumstances interfere.

4. Choose a place that is not too distracting

Finding a place that looks cool, but has too many things going on can take away from your photos. You want to pick a place with minimal people and open space, that way the focal point of your images are the people, rather than what is going on around them.

Your location should never take away attention from the subject.

Even if you are limited with space, finding a wall or a textured background, a seating area, something green, limit yourself to number of items in the background, so the subject can remain the star of this show!

5. Pick somewhere quiet

During your shoot, communication is key. You need to be able to talk back and forth and be understood. Having lots of noises in the back ground can be stressful and also translate to even more stressful photos. To eliminate this, you want to choose a location that is relatively quiet so it can be a fun and peaceful experience for everyone.

Shoot somewhere with minimal disturbances so your subject feels at ease and can relax.

Choosing the best spot can take a great deal of thought. But taking that time to research will greatly help you in the end. Once you find that perfect spot you will be able to tell a beautiful story with your photos that's exclusive to you!

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